Hokkaido Marathon 2018 Entry    
  Entry Form for Overseas Entrants    
  Entrants from Seoul,Hong Kong,Taipei and China P.R.,Beijing,Thailand can not entry from through this form.
Please ask our office as below.
  1.Entrants from Seoul    
  Company name : SNBTOUR ( S&B Tour Co.,Ltd)    
  Person in charge : Ms. EunHyun Kwon    
  E-mail address of PIC : snbtour@naver.com    
  Phone number of PIC : +82-2-755-1009    
  Opening hours: Weekdays 09:00 ? 18:00    
  Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays    
  Address : Rm 805 Dadong Bldg, 46 Dadong-Gil, Jung-Gu, Seoul, South Korea (post code 04522)    
  2. Entrants from Hong Kong    
  Company name: KNT (HK) LIMITED / 近畿国際旅行社(香港)有限公司    
  Person in charge (PIC): Mr. Onodera    
  Phone number of PIC: 852-2735-1166    
  E-mail address of PIC: marathon@knt-hk.com    
  Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00-18:00,Saturdays 9:00-13:00    
  Closed on Sundays and public holidays    
  3. Entrants from TAIWAN    
  Company name: KNT Taiwan / 台湾近畿国際旅行社(股)有限公司    
  Person in charge: Ms.Carey    
  Phone number of PIC: 02-87717551    
  E-mail address of PIC:carey.c@knt-taiwan.com    
  4. Entrants from Beijing    
  電話:010-6515-6185 受理時間:08:30〜17:30 E-Mail:chilinran@kntchina.com, nizhigang@kntchina.com    
  5. Entrants from Thailand    
  Company name: KNT TRAVEL (THAILAND) CO., LTD.    
  E-mail address of PIC: kntthai@knt-travel.com    
  Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:30    
  Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays    
  6. Entrants from the other countries    
  Company name: Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd.    
  E-mail: h-inbound@or.knt-h.co.jp    
  *Please indicate your country when you contact.    
  Entry Form for Other Entrants    
  Please read the details of “Entry Method” and “Entry Guidelines” carefully before completing this form.    
  Please fill out all the necessarily items Registration, Your information, Mailing address, Credit card information.    
  Information with * is mandatory.    
  Because our system supports Romanized characters, please type English letters only.    
  Note: There is no confirmation screen for the online registration.    
  Make sure you repeatedly check what you fill out before clicking the “Submit” button.    
  When you click the “Submit” button, it will take several seconds or more until the submission is completed.    
  Please be patient during this process, and do not click the “Submit” button more than once.    
  >>> We will reply to you after the credit card transaction.    
  Payment for Entry fee is by credit card only.    
  We accept the following cards: VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB and Diners Club    
  1) If you are using this web-site, on-line entry and card payment is mandatory.    
  2) The name of Hokkaido Marathon will not appear but our company name will in your credit card statement.    
  An automatic e-mail confirmation with the ID and Password were sent to the    
  registered e-mail address once you successfully submit your registration.    
  If you would like to change your data, forget your password or have any inquiries,    
  please contact the registration desk below.    
  Secretariat for entrant from overseas    
  c/o Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd.    
  Hokkaido Regional Promotion & Inbound Center    
  Nittsu Sapporo Bldg., N3 W2,Chuo-ku, Sapporo,    
  JAPAN 060-0003    
  Phone: +81-11-251-5731; Fax : +81-11-251-2288    
  E-mail: h-inbound@or.knt-h.co.jp    
  Changing / Cancellation Policy for Entry fee
  For Entry, Please note that refund is NOT applicable upon change or cancellation.    
  Entry Guidelines    
  *All applicants are requested to observe the terms and conditions of the Entry Guidelines specified below.    
  1. The organizers shall have no liability whatsoever for sickness, loss or other accidents, aside from providing emergency measures.    
  2. Cancellation for personal reasons shall not be accepted after the application has been submitted. Once entry fees have been paid,    
    they cannot be refunded for any reason (e.g., cancellation of the event or reduction in size due to natural disaster, accidents and so forth).    
  3. Applicants are requested to obtain approval of their participation in this marathon from a guardian (for applications by minors) or    
    participating team members (for group entries). False declaration of records, such as age and gender, or entry by a person other    
    than the applicant (substitute running) will not be tolerated. If such a case is detected, entry will be cancelled.    
  4. Applicants shall agree that personal information, such as their name, age, gender, place of residence (names of countries,    
    prefectures and other administrative entities; and names of cities, towns and villages), past records and portraits may be used in the    
    marathon’s promotional materials, such as videos, photographs, articles and race data published via such media as newspapers,    
    TV programs (including commercials), magazines, the Internet and pamphlets. They shall also agree that the publishing and portrait    
    rights to such information belong to the organizers, and shall not execute their portrait rights.    
  5. All runners will be given a running shirt. The size can be chosen until 18:00 on 27APR.    
    (After then,The size will be fixed as L size/men and M size/ women.)    
  *In addition to the Entry Guidelines, applicants are requested to observe the Regulations of the Hokkaido Marathon set forth by the    
  organizers, and submit written consent.    
  Handling of Personal Information    
  The organizers recognize the importance of personal information, observe the Personal Information Protection Law and related    
  regulations, and handle personal information based on a fixed privacy policy.    
  To ensure the smooth operation of this event, personal information is used to provide entry information, inform runners of race records    
  and related data and inform entrants of the next Hokkaido Marathon, as well as announcing records, giving first-aid treatment and    
  cooperating with medical institutions. It may be used by the organizers or disclosed to the event’s supporters and collaborators to provide    
  information on services, products and the like offered by the organizers, supporters and collaborators. It may also be used by the    
  organizers or trustees to confirm entry information.    
            Registration ID and Password are required to log in.                
  Registrations and payments are being handled by us,    
  Hokkaido Regional Promotion&Inbound Center, Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd, a travel agency and a professional congress organizer
  in Sapporo. If you have any special wishes or requirements concerning accommodations, please contact us.    
  Secretariat for entrant from overseas    
  c/o Kinki Nippon Tourist Hokkaido Co., Ltd.    
  Hokkaido Regional Promotion & Inbound Center    
  Nittsu Sapporo Bldg., N3 W2,Chuo-ku, Sapporo,    
  JAPAN 060-0003    
  Phone: +81-11-251-5731; Fax : +81-11-251-2288    
  E-mail: h-inbound@or.knt-h.co.jp